Since my first pair of Dobermans, back in 1985, I am still amazed at their intelligence, loyalty, train ability, and eagerness to please.

My last few years in the Marine Corps, we were at a point in our lives that made keeping them an injustice to them. They were not getting the attention or workout they deserved. I was headed overseas and the rest of the family was relocating south. It was a really hard, giving them to another family, but we knew they were going to a loving family that didn't move around.

After retiring and getting settled in, I got a beautiful red male with a loving disposition and really good  conformation. Then, not long after that, our first female, and the Doberman family just kept growing from there.

I starting reading, gathering information, and talking with breeders, on breeding and the differences between the American Doberman and the European Doberman.

Most people that are interested in Dobermans already know their origin and somewhat of a background on them so I won't talk about that.

Of the two classifications, American, and European, I find the only differences are, the American has been bred to be more of a show dog and through breeding, have slightly changed in appearance. Thinner bones, smaller in size and some may even call them a designer dog.

The European, to me, is more true to what the original was bred for. Their appearance sends the message that they are strong, aggressive, and will do what is necessary to protect their family. They are heavy boned, alert, and full of drive.  Until you see a true European Doberman up close, you will not understand how magnificent they are.

I have Dobermans that were bred here in the US and have been bred to be the perfect family dog and companion.

All our dogs are family members, meaning, they are here for life. We are not like some breeders that get rid of the dog once it is no longer productive for them. Our dog will spend their days in comfort and know that they are loved. If for some reason we do have to let one go, it will be to someone we personally know and we will not have to worry about it being properly cared for. When you select one of our pups you will be able to see the parents and grand parents, if still living. Not too many kennels can make that claim.

Why European for me? I saw videos and photos of, to me, the most perfect specimen of a Doberman I have ever seen. Maxim di Altobello. He was world champion in 2012. I researched his show results and offspring and I was totally impressed. That is what got me interested in the European bred Dobi's.

Maxim passed a few year back from, a mysterious poisoning, so his grand babies are the closest to getting a pup from him.

We purchased our first Altobello babies directly from their kennel this year and are looking forward to more in the future. With our breeding stud retired, we will eventually be breeding only European.

The only way too truly have the European lines is to import directly from the European breeders. This give me the confidence the bloodlines are in fact, European.

It has begun with our imports, Gunny Basilone di Altobello and Red Sonja di Altobello. Imported directly from the Altobello Kennel in Serbia and both sired by Italian and Serbian Champions with Sonja being the grand daughter of Maxim. In addition to them, we have aquired Nia De Noche Negro and Olympia De Noche Negro from the Noche Negro Kennel. Nia is sired by International Champion Tahi-Reme Max and is also a grand daughter of Maxim Di Altobello. Olympia is sired by Dobergaarden Forever Sauron and also a grandaughter to Maxim. They will produce their first litter in 2017 and we are very excited about sharing these wonderful bloodlines with you.

Be one of the first to own one of these magnificent dogs by getting on the waiting list through our contact page.

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