To be added to our waiting list, send us  a email with the sex, color, and  parents  you would like a pup from. 

We start at the top of the list, to notify customers, when the pups arrive. If you do not get a call or email, the specific  dog, you requested, did not arrive.  We do not require a deposit until the pup you are waitng for has arrived. There are times and special occasions that someone may be moved ahead of you but only under certain circumstances. Those names will be printed in red.  If, when yor pup arrives, you decide to not purchase that pup, you can be added back to the list but, futher down the order. If, when contacted, you do not reply within 3 days or get the deposit in on time, we  move to the next on the list . Your name will be identified by your initials for privacy. We try to be as fair as possible and please,  sent an email if you have questions of want to be removed from the list.




1.  J. Dunbar               female

2. J.Koontz                 female

3.  B. Ballou               male

4. R. Cummimgs      male

5. R Holmwa             female

6.  T. Clarquist           male



Avail...      1 female

If you are on the list for a Savannah pup, please let us know if you are still interested.  Email with the subject Savannah Pup...thank you

Attention:  Due to the number of people on our waiting list we will have to make changes to save time  to better serve you.  Please email me if you are on the current list as it will be removewd in a couple days. To many people do not reply when contacted, purchased elsewhere, or just changed their minds. This causes other serious buyers to wait longer. I will keep your emails and the time names will be posted is when one of the girls are pregnant. 

Savannah                                           Olympia                               Aleksandra                                 Kipper                 

1. K. Jessome      female    2. M. Randall      female

3. J. Pelaez           male

1. Barbie            ffemale